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Guest Blog-Find Positivity During A Midlife Crisis By Becoming An Entrepreneur

Know Your Why is focused on mental health and substance recovery, as well as, all types of wellness. Many of our readers have expressed struggle with needing change or positivity in life. This guest blog from Kimberly Hayes of PublicHealthAlertInfo describes how for some they can address that need for change by becoming an entrepreneur.

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Guest Blog-5 Habits to Help You Through Trauma Recovery

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If you’re healing from trauma, you might be struggling to stick with healthy routines for your mental and physical health. Choosing a few beneficial habits or lifestyle changes and gradually adapting them to your schedule can be a smart strategy. You can find lots of informative recovery resources from Know Your Why Recovery to help you along your journey. Furthermore, these suggestions can guide you as you recover from trauma and prioritize your healing.

Consider a Career Change 

Your career might be impeding your healing process. Think about your current job, and ask yourself some essential questions. Do you truly feel fulfilled at work? Do you get the opportunity to work on challenging yet satisfying projects? Does your job tend to leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Depending on your answers, it might be time to consider a career change.

Switching careers to something you’re more passionate about can benefit your mental health. If you have some knowledge of medical coding, you can apply for a number of medical coding online courses to learn essential skills, like assigning proper codes, identifying medical procedures, and processing service claims. Once you’ve completed the coursework, you’ll take an assessment to prove your skills. 

Keep Your Household Healthy 

Working through trauma is difficult for anyone, but it can be particularly hard for people with dependents who rely on them each and every day. It’s tougher to focus on your own healing when you’re also responsible for other people.

To make caring for your household easier during this rough time, you can turn to in-depth product reviews when shopping for your family to ensure that you’re spending your money wisely. Make sure to look for reviews from unbiased sources for the most honest recommendations. 

Work With an Online Therapist 

Perhaps you’ve seen a therapist before, but it was hard to keep up with your sessions when you had so much going on in your life. Working with a therapist who offers online sessions can be easier to fit into your schedule. To get the most out of virtual therapy, Psych Central recommends looking for a platform that suits your budget and specific needs, finding a private, quiet space in your home for sessions, and asking plenty of questions during sessions. 

Exercise for Your Mind and Body 

It can be hard to get into fitness when you’re healing from trauma. You might have lost interest in your favorite sports or active hobbies, or you might feel like you’re not strong enough for exercise. But exercise can be an essential part of your healing process, as it supports both your mental and physical health. Very Well Mind states that in addition to improving your cardiovascular health and mobility, exercise can also help people with PTSD alleviate their symptoms, cope with depression, and even sleep better at night. 

Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness can be tricky for people who are healing from trauma – while living in the present moment can help you avoid rumination, you might worry that facing your emotions head-on in meditation could be re-traumatizing. You may want to work on mindfulness techniques in therapy, where you can process your emotions with the support of a professional. Journaling, meditation, and yoga can all be fantastic mindfulness practices to incorporate into your daily routines.

Healing from trauma does not happen overnight. It’s important to be patient with yourself throughout this process. Whether you’re interested in seeking professional development for a career change, outfitting your home with healthy products, or picking up an exercise routine, these tips can help you make all of these lifestyle changes and more.

Are you ready to commit to trauma recovery? Find the motivation you need through Know Your Why Recovery! Visit our website today for valuable recovery resources.

Dylan Foster, guest blogger 

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Anger Management-New Short Video Series

A while back we did a short blog series on Anger Management (parts  1234). Due to their ongoing popularity we decided to make a number of short videos explaining the same concepts. See below for each video win the series. Thanks for visiting!

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Guest Blog-Making a Fresh Start in a New Place

Know Your Why Recovery is proud to say Dylan Foster is back with another guest blog. Though this entry is not the typical type of content for Know Your Why, we felt it still fit well here as it has to do with change. In fact, this entry has to do with a speicifc type of change almost everyone needs to cope with at some point in their life…relocation. Read below for the article.

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Guest Blog – Stop Doing These Things Right Now To Improve Your Life

Know Your Why Recovery welcomes people from all walks of life, promoting positivity and awareness to those in recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. Reach out today for more info and see how we can help!

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Stop Doing These Things Right Now to Improve Your Life

Do you have bad habits that are making your life worse? You might be surprised to learn that some of the things you’re doing every day are actually harming your personal life. If you want to improve your life, it’s time to stop these unhealthy habits!

Know Your Why Recovery shares some things you should stop doing right away to improve your personal life.

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Guest Blog-“A Long Road…”

Know Your Why Recovery welcomes author and Dadmented founder Craig Lucas. Craig has been generous enough to share his story of trauma, music, mental illness, fatherhood, and redemption. Read below for more.

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However, to keep know Your Why alive and running, there are recurring costs involved—web hosting, domain name, and security amongst other miscellaneous costs. Know Your Why also has a vision of growth including podcasts, publications, advertising for visibility, and direct contributions to mental health and addiction programs/charities.

We humbly ask that if you enjoy Know Your Why, want to see us grow, and want to help us continue to spread a positive message of health, recovery, and wellness that you consider contributing. Your support will immediately help us defer costs and keep the site and movement alive. Any amount will help and be appreciated.

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Thank you in advance. To help support Know Your Why Recovery please visit our GoFundMe.

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Guest Blog-Kevin from FYN Creative and The Niche Movement-My Story of Depression and Anxiety

Our next guest blog comes from Kevin at The Niche Movement and FYN Creative. In this candid entry originally published here, Kevin discusses his experience with depression and anxiety and some of the support that helps him in his journey. While his experience is unique, just like each of our own, we are sure many can relate to his struggles and victories. We thank Kevin for allowing us to share this with you. Read his story below

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Guest Blog-Men’s Mental Health-Matt G-Thee Adventures of Matt

This entry was shared with us by Matt G over at Thee Adventures of Matt. Matt wrote this for his blog and shared it with us to feature on Know Your Why. In this post Matt starts the conversation about men’s mental health. We hope our readers can keep it going!

Matt is a content creator, mental health advocate, and media contributor with a passion for defeating stigma. Stayed tuned for more collabortations with Matt and KYW, including a live Q&A in a few weeks. Read more below!

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Guest Blog

Guest Blog-10 Important Concepts

Below we have another guest blog. This one comes from our friend Mikey Crichton from Creative Isolation Lofts and was originally posted in a mutual Facebook group. It was written around New Year’s 2020 and he reflects on 10 important concepts he learned in the past decade. Though a year old now the information is still highly reflective and relevant.

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