About Us


Know Your Why Recovery was started on Instagram in February 2019. We then expanded to Facebook,  this website, and YouTube.

Know Your Why Recovery is a community welcoming people of all walks of life. Our aim is spreading positivity, awareness, and information to assist people in recovery from mental illness and substance use disorders. We also want to create a supportive space for those who are assisting others in their recovery process, whether they are family, friends, or professionals in the field.

The name Know Your Why comes from the idea that one should determine the reasons for doing what they do. The reasons for change. The reasons that drive them. We believe this is extremely important in recovery. Knowing your “Why” provides motivation and incentive to continue on, to grow, to thrive. We are not naïve though. Simply knowing your why is not the be all end all of recovery, it is only one piece of an intricate puzzle. It makes a pretty good foundation to build off of though.

We hope we can be of assistance in your recovery journey.

Together we can end the stigma associated with mental illness and substance use disorders, even if by opening one closed mind at a time.