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Guest Blog-Find Positivity During A Midlife Crisis By Becoming An Entrepreneur

Know Your Why is focused on mental health and substance recovery, as well as, all types of wellness. Many of our readers have expressed struggle with needing change or positivity in life. This guest blog from Kimberly Hayes of PublicHealthAlertInfo describes how for some they can address that need for change by becoming an entrepreneur.

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Find Positivity During A Midlife Crisis By Becoming An Entrepreneur

Getting through a midlife crisis can be extremely challenging, especially if you’ve recently experienced a career setback or are simply unhappy with your job. Finding positivity and pushing forward to set new goals can take some time, but it can help to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. Starting a business and earning a living doing something you truly enjoy can make a major difference in your outlook on life and can help you see your own value.

Today, Know Your Why Recovery outlines a few things to consider as you look for ways to manage a midlife crisis – and come out stronger on the other side.

Start your own business and find inner strength

There are few things as liberating and exciting as starting your own business, because it opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to merge your existing skills with something you love. It can be tricky to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset in a short amount of time, so give yourself a timeline in which to work out your business plan, come up with funding, and create a business structure that works for your needs. The right business plan can make or break your business, because it not only acts as a guide for you, it also provides vital information for lenders and potential investors as you seek funding.

Also, if you want to give yourself an additional edge over your competitors, you should think about going back to school for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The thought of earning an MBA might be a little intimidating but these days, thanks to the flexibility offered by online programs, you can learn at your own speed and implement your lessons as you go, taking you one big step closer to being a proven leader in the business community.

Use an invoice generator to make getting paid easy 

Once your business plan is worked out, you can start thinking about the details of your day-to-day as an entrepreneur. How will you ensure that your customers can easily find and connect with your business? Building a stellar website is crucial in this day and age, but it also brings several more considerations with it, such as creating an ecommerce store or a solid invoicing system. The more user-friendly you can make your payment system, the easier it will be for your business to get paid on time; this might include setting clear terms, sending out invoices immediately, and accepting a variety of payment methods. The good news is, you can find an invoice maker free of charge online and customize a template with your choice of fonts, colors, and branding info.

Reconnect and start networking

As you start to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, you might find that all roads lead back to your business; for instance, you may begin to view social gatherings as an opportunity to spread the word about your ideas and start networking. An easy way to do this is to connect with old friends who might have similar interests or their own businesses, but if you’ve lost touch over the years, you can use a search engine to find them by plugging in their name, graduation date, and school. This is a great way to make connections that are both social and beneficial for your business.

Do something that’s just for you

While starting a business is something that benefits you, there are other ways you can boost your confidence and positivity during a midlife crisis. Think about what your goals are with the business and consider taking a class or going back to school for an advanced degree. Pick up a new hobby that helps you relax and de-stress, or treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a long time but never had the confidence to buy. Take a look at your wardrobe and add some new pieces that help you feel like the powerful entrepreneur you are. Doing something that’s just for you can have a major effect on your self-esteem and your confidence.

Learning how to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, tackling invoicing and all the other details that come with running a business, and creating a well-thought-out business plan are all key aspects in working for yourself, and they can go a long way toward helping you push through a midlife crisis so you can see just how strong you are.

Kimberly Hayes, guest blogger

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