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New YouTube Playlist!!!

Have you been to our YouTube channel lately?

We have created a new playlist, Relaxation and Meditation. This playlist will provide video/audio meant to be a calming experience or function as background noise, such as the lovely sounds of a running stream.

While on our channel check out our other playlists including shorts, our Know Your Term series, guest interviews, and other resources.

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Thanks for all of the support.

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Podcasting with Maximal Being

Know Your Why would like to give a thank you to Maximal Being for having us on their most recent podcast.

Our founder discusses substance use, addiction, and other related topics. The video can be viewed here as well as other platforms linked through Maximal Being

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Interview Podcast

Interview by Thee Adventures of Matt

Know Your Why would like to give a big thank you to Matt G from Thee Adventures of Matt for his interview featuring our founder Chris D.

Matt and Chris discuss Know Your Why, some personal experiences, and the state of treatment in their respective areas amongst other topics. If you missed the live cast you can view it here

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