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Check out this brief but great guest blog by Emily Glazer at Social and Relevant. Emily explores her thoughts on 2020 and how it is more important than we may realize.

2020 (/ˈtwen(t)ē/-/ˈtwen(t)ē/), n: Essential

If you had to choose just one word to define 2020, what word would you choose? 

One word. 

The word you choose is a word that should encapsulate everything that has happened from January 1, 2020 until this very moment. The good, the bad, and everything in between. 

So, what word do you think defines 2020? 

I know what word that I would choose. “Essential.” 2020 was absolutely necessary and extremely important. 

(Speaking of necessities, shoutout to all of our essential workers! Social workers- that includes you!) 

I don’t know why we had the year that we had, but I do know what we can take away from this past year- lessons. Essential lessons that were deeply rooted into us, but 2020 revealed them onto the outside. We learned lessons of strength, unity, and perseverance.

2020 made us better in different, unexpected ways. This year taught us to be better to strangers, family, friends, and ourselves. This year showed us that tough times do pass. This year was essential. 

2020 was a necessary year that taught us lessons and instilled in us values that we can now carry into 2021. 

How would you define 2020? 

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and here’s to a meaningful 2021! 


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