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July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

In the US, Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Heath Awareness month (July) was established in 2008.

Some organizations, in an effort to be mindful of language used have started celebrating BIPOC (Blacks, Indigenous People, and People of Color) Mental Health Month.

This awareness month was officially recognized to help bring awareness to the struggles that underrepresented groups face regarding mental illness and to help increase access to mental health treatment and services.

This year, with the current global pandemic and social movements currently underway, these efforts are more important than ever as studies show people in some racial and ethnic minority groups may respond more strongly to the stress of a pandemic or crisis. Despite great effort to bring equity to mental health treatment and services, a number of disparities still exist in mental health care in the US.

If you would like to learn more information about National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month please visit the following:




If you or a loved one is in crisis please dial 911 or contact your local crisis helpline. For more recovery resources please visit our information page HERE.

-Chris Dorian, founder of Know Your Why Recovery 


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